Example One FEMALE FACE STAGE IS YOUR EVENT READY FOR AN UNIQUE CONCEPT ? Example Two MORE THEN DJ's Bookings and marketing for clubs and festivals. Example Three STAGE-HOSTING This way you have a unique stage
and one less thing to worry about!

Who or what is FFS ?

The concept

Here at FFS we want to emphasize the role and power of women in the music industry.
Our aim is to put passionate female dj’s in the spotlight.

We can deliver a full event line-up accompanied with a vast range of
design and marketing services.

Extra services for your event.

With our group of partners we can also offer services for the event it self. We can help develop more ticket sales trough our social media channels.

With our partner for graphic design we can create kickass posts and visuals for your event.
To top that, our partner even has expierience as art director for some years for a range of festivals. (event theme design, decoration design, stage design TML, printing design,marketing design,webdesign,…)

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upcoming events

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